Little Book Shop Gets Big Results With SEO Reseller


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Debra Sanderson spent 18 years in front of DC public school classrooms as a high school English teacher. “Early in my career, I just loved it,” Sanderson said. “It was so revitalizing and fun, and you could not help but feel that you were making a difference in the lives of those kids.” After 18 years, however, things started to change. Sanderson noticed that tests were becoming more important than education, and she decided to get out of the field before it made her bitter. “I wanted to find a way that I could keep teaching,” she said, “but I wanted to do it on my terms, the right way.”

Sanderson decided that the best way to teach on her terms was to open an independent bookshop. “I thought it would be the best of all worlds,” she said. “I learned too late that DC is a crowded market for bookshops,” she said. “There are a few old staples that everyone knows about, but it is so tough to get walk in traffic. The tourist areas are too expensive for a book shop, and the outskirts do not get as much street traffic.”

Sanderson was beginning to plan for the worst. That was when a friend, a government contractor, made a suggestion. “My friend Geraldine has run a few successful businesses,” Sanderson said. Geraldine’s suggestion was to find the best SEO reseller available, and start marketing her store online. “I thought is was ridiculous at first,” said Sanderson. “Whoever heard of SEO marketing for a book shop. I didn’t think even the best seo reseller could save my shop.”

SEO (search engine optimization) marketing, works the internet to increase the organic ranking of your business’ webpage. Online customers have shown a tendency to prefer organically ranked sites over those sponsored sites that pay to have their links at the top of the search. In today’s digital economy, a prominent net presence is key. Nearly 40 percent of all business comes from internet searching, and that number is sure to go up with the increase of smartphones and tablets. About 65 percent of the growing smartphone market uses their devices to shop online. With this shift from brick and mortar to the digital marketplace, it is so important to do marketing properly, which is why 30 percent of businesses outsource at least some of their social media marketing.

It was a plan that worked wonders for Sanderson. “I just had the best Seo reseller,” she said. “They came in and saw that I had an eclectic inventory, so they were able to get my site to the top of a few different searches. Business has been thriving.”

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