Is There a Correct Direction to Lay Flooring?


Is there a correct direction to lay flooring? This is not a question that we often ask ourselves. However, it can be a very pertinent information if you are having new flooring installed. While it is truly up to the preference of the individual, professional flooring contractors will tell you that there are certainly some ways to install flooring that are better than others. In this video, you will learn some rules of thumb when it comes to what direction to lay your new flooring.

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The first rule of thumb is to have your flooring run perpendicular to your door. This helps promote the flow of the floor as visitors enter the house. Otherwise, flooring parallel to the door will give it a cramped and chopped-up look.

While you want to run your flooring perpendicular to your doorframe, you will want to run the flooring parallel to windows. This helps the flooring work with the natural lighting rather than fighting against it. This little trick can truly make or break your flooring. Another consideration is the dimensions of the space. Generally, flooring should run parallel to the longest wall. This gives it a natural look that is pleasing to the eye.


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