Is Having Cell Carriers on Your Property Worth the Money?


Cell phone towers can barely keep up with coverage demand, as cell users throughout the country expect to be able to use their cell phones no matter where they live or travel. The ability to cover even remote places is how carriers get a leg up in the accelerating cell service competition. In this video, the presenter explains the pros and cons of helping a carrier meet the demand by leasing your property for a cell tower site.

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The obvious biggest positive for a property lessee is regular profit in the form of monthly rent from the cell carrier or tower company. Another benefit is that cell service will improve in the surrounding area, as the expansion of land will empower carriers to extend networks.

Cons of having cell carriers on your property include potential health risks (although there is no data to support the notion that people living near cell towers get cancer at a higher rate), and the negative visual appeal of having something sometimes referred to as an eye sore on your property. Vertical Consultants, LLC. will help you consider these pros and cons and help you make a determination of whether to lease your property for cellular infrastructure.

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