Inside the Machining Industry


Tool holders

People are always going to need work done by other people in the machining industry. It is a very specialized trade, and not everyone can do it.

For one, those machines are complicated, and all those tools would certainly require some pretty giant tool holders. But relax, there are people who can do it. In 2010, 939,700 people had jobs in the machining industry.

Nowadays, it is simple for these professionals to do a job perfectly right. Their tool presetters will ensure every measurement is precise, and every tool works to its maximum potential.

One of the earliest machine tools was a screw cutting lathe, about 530 years old, that applied direct mechanical control of the cutting tools path. Ever since then, tool holders have become a regular part of machine work.

Not every job can be done with handheld mechanical tools. Sometimes machine tools are necessary, especially when needed for shaping metal or other rigid materials by boring, grinding, shearing or cutting.

These jobs do not have to take forever. But it is common to see roughing tools used to remove the bulk of material on certain longer jobs. This helps to reduce the wear and tear on the form tools.

On a screw machine or turret lathe, a box tool is usually mounted. This tool holder ensures perfect utilization of the functions of the machine work. The machine will be free moving on its axes, and every measurement and action of the machine will be exactly what it needs to be.

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