How to Use a Measurement Device


The ability to measure things accurately is important for both work tasks and daily life. Different types of work require different tools, but you can apply the same basic principles to just about every measurement device.

The first key point to keep in mind when measuring something is the scale you are using. A tape measure, for example, measures things in inches and fractions of inches.

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The next important part of measuring is the guide of your measuring device. The guide is the part of a measuring tool that holds it in place to ensure that you get an accurate reading. The metal part at the end of a tap measure is a useful guide because depending on the size of the item you are measuring, you can either push the metal up against the item or wrap it around the outside.

Finally, consider the context in which you are measuring. Some items need to be measured more precisely than others. In construction, you usually only need to measure length to the nearest 16th of an inch. Manufacturing, conversely, often requires measurements to the nearest thousandth or ten thousandth of an inch.

If you keep the above principles in mind, you should have no difficulty getting accurate measurements.


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