How to Succeed While Working for a Catering Company


Working for a catering company can be a great first job. You learn essential people skills, work quickly, and can make great tips. Here are some tips to survive your first few weeks on the job.

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Always make sure to call out when you’re rounding a corner or coming up behind someone. If you remain quiet, you could end up bumping into someone in the tight quarters of a kitchen or prep area. This could result in food or drinks being spilled, leaving you with upset customers and coworkers.

Go to work knowing what is being served to guests. Chances are someone will ask you how the food was made and what ingredients are in it. It’s never a good feeling when you’re left standing there without an answer for them.

Time is of the essence when you’re working for a catering company. Guests expect food to be on time and your coworkers will want you to quickly clean up so everyone can go home for the night. It’s important to work quickly, but not sloppily. Focus on economy of movement and eliminate any unnecessary movement from your work routine.

If you follow these tips, you’re likely to have a great time at your job. Chances are you’ll make great tips and friends along the way. You may find working for a catering company is an incredibly rewarding job.

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