How to Clean a Grain Bin


Grains that have been gathered are usually insect-free. However, storage insects that spawn in or around the bins or machinery can contaminate the grains.

Practicing grain bin maintenance can help prevent grain insects from infesting your grain. It can also avoid lowering the quality of your harvest subsequently.

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Follow these steps in doing a grain bin maintenance routine:

Completely get rid of stale grain from the equipment with care. Insect-infested grain stuck in machinery can infect a new grain bin.

Clean grain bins extensively, getting rid of spilled, cracked, and fragmented grain and grain powder, as well as the insects that feast on it.

Examine the grain bin base to verify it is stable and capable of supporting the required weight. Cracks in the foundation will destabilize the structure and may attract pests. Discard old equipment and remove tall weeds to make the area less appealing to rodents that burrow beneath the bin foundation.

Check for rodent damage in the control boxes. Mice will shred wire sheathing for nesting purposes, and their urine can degrade switches and other electronic systems. Repair or replace any faulty areas, seal any knock-outs or other openings that allow rodents to enter.

Check for rusting and other damages in fans, heaters, and ducts. Remove any dust and grime accumulated over time, as this will trap moisture and encourage corrosion. To avoid air leaks that might lower operational efficiency, ensure that all fan, heater, and transition duct linkages are tight.

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