How Recruiting Firms Help Businesses


Hiring sales representative

Businesses live and die by the bottom line. For that reason the best sales people are highly prized by companies. After all, they can be the difference between a company being profitable or not. However, finding the best sales people is no easy task. Many people do not make it. In fact, the average sales team turnover is 40%. In addition, the cost of hiring the wrong person to do a sales job can be between six to ten times a sales person’s base salary.

With over 22 million sales professionals in North America, many businesses are turning to executive search consultants, otherwise known as headhunters. These recruitment firms help business to find the very best sales people. There are several reasons why businesses turn to these firms for help. First, there are often hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants for any particular position. However, it is likely that only a few of these people are actually qualified for the position. A recruitment firm is better equipped to sort though the noise and find the best person. Second, recruitment firms often have access to a wider pool of applicants, thus increasing the chance of getting the right applicant. Third, because of the high cost associated with hiring mistakes, businesses find that these firms are better situated to evaluate what is required to succeed in sales.

There are several traits that an executive search group will look for in a candidate. First and foremost, candidates with proven sales records are highly prized. However, even if an applicant does not previous sales experience, recruitment firms will look at whether a person has the intangible qualities that help make a successful sales person, such as charisma, adaptability, confidence and enthusiasm. Read this for more:

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