How Much Is A Photo Booth Rental?


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Did you know the very first photo booth was on Broadway in 1925? But that is not the first time photos appeared.

Back in 1827, Joseph Nicephore Niepce used a camera obscura to create the first photographic image. But even that is not the earliest use of photography. The inventor of the first photographic process that actually worked was a man named Louis Daguerre. He is known as the father of photography.

Nowadays, cameras are everywhere! Almost everyone owns at least one, and most people own more than one, especially those who have cameras on their phones.

Of course cameras were not always as affordable as they are today. The most expensive camera sold to date was a rate 1923 Leica, which sold for 2.8 million dollars in Vienna!

Back in the day, photos were printed out a lot more often. This is because cameras used film. Today, due to digital technology, less than two out of every 10 photos are printed out.

This is why renting photo booth for your next party, event or gathering is such a fun thing. Every photo is printed out and each guest gets a copy to take home with them. If you will use it a lot, it may even be worth trying to buy a photo booth. Then you can use it whenever you want!

Photo booths for weddings are one of the most popular uses, although birthday parties, graduation parties and even family reunions would be great events to rent a photo booth for.

An event photo booth can be a great conversation starter and a way for people to jump in on the action. A lot of times parties and events get boring because there is not enough interaction or fun things to do.

With a photo booth for parties, that no longer has to be the case.

Now you may be wondering how much is a photo booth rental? And the cost depends on two things

  • The photo booth company you are using
  • How many hours you need the booth for

That is why if you are wondering how much is a photo booth rental you should do yourself due diligence to call around and ask for pricing that is based specifically on your event and how many hours you need the booth for. Continue reading here:

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