How Does Injection Molding Work?


In this video “How Injection Molding Works” led by Jeff Van Kuren, the value stream leader at Thompson and All Molded Products, a comprehensive overview of the injection molding process unfolds. The Elizabethtown, North Carolina factory’s method involves a meticulous sequence, commencing with the procurement of plastic pellets, or resin. These pellets undergo crucial heating and drying processes before finding their place in a hopper.

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The hopper, in turn, channels the resin into a feed throat, facilitating its journey to a barrel. Within this barrel, the resin experiences complete melting, transforming into a liquid plastic state. Precision in this phase is upheld through a sophisticated controller that regulates pressure, time, and temperature. This controlled environment ensures the injection of liquid plastic into a mold cavity, where an acceptable and quality part is formed. Once the injection is complete, the part cools within the mold, and with precision, it is systematically ejected, rendering it ready for subsequent shipment or assembly.

Jeff Van Kuren’s detailed explanation illuminates the intricacies of the injection molding process at Thompson and All Molded Products, highlighting the importance of precision and control in delivering high-quality molded products, so people like you can better understand more about this product.


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