How Do Professional Plumbers Find Slab Leaks?


To a regular homeowner, it can be almost impossible to tell if you have a slab leak. A typical indication of a slab leak would be if you had a higher than usual water bill and have a hot spot on the floor where it is a little warmer than normal. Keep reading to learn how professional plumbers find and repair slab leaks.

First, plumbers start with a box that connects to the waterline. This box sends a current through the lines that they then locate with another piece of equipment.

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This will show them where the lines run and how deep they are.

When they run the equipment across the floor, they are listening for beeps. When the equipment beeps, that means the water line is right below it.

Now that line has been located, a plumber uses more equipment to listen to the leak and hear where it is actually broken. By hearing the volume and frequencies of the leaks, the professional plumber can tell right where the leak is at and minimize damage by getting the leak fixed quickly.

To learn more about how professionals find slab leaks, watch the video above!


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