Future of Social Security


Social security disability lawyer

For many Social Security and its benefits are instrumental to maintain quality living standards. In Florida one third of residents over the age of 65 rely on Social Security benefits as their only income. In some instances a social security lawyer may need to be consulted to guarantee these benefits. This advice may be even more relevant in Florida as roughly 300,000 residents live at or below the poverty line. These residents that are eligible for social security must be informed about their rights. Social security attorneys can make sure residents receive the advantages of social security that they deserve.

The need for social security lawyers may rise in the future as the population begins to shift. By 2050 the number of Americans aged 85 and over will more than triple increasing to 19 million. Life expectancy is also projected to increase to early 78 years old according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. These statistics reinforce that one may need to employ a social security lawyer to make sure they are provided for. Another fact to be considered is that starting in January of 2013 those receiving Social Security will get on average of an extra $19 per month. A social security lawyer can make sure that citizens are made aware of these increases and advise them in future planning with these funds.

These benefits may also be even more important for veterans and their well being. Additional medical costs may need to be factored in and considered for a veteran’s living arrangements. For this reason in addition to a social security disability attorney veterans could need the expertise of veterans lawyers to ensure they are receiving their proper benefits and rights. A veterans lawyer may help this demographic in the future as the number of people depending on social security increases.

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