Four Items That Will Make Your Life Easier, More Balanced, and Less Leaky


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Why can your office chair swivel back and forth on its wheels? This is thanks to swivel casters, which is a hardware system that allows the wheel to operate and spin in any direction rather than only back and forth. There are many hardware items you use on a daily basis without even realizing it. More importantly, there are items you could be using to improve your home. Here are four objects that will help you you make your life a little easier, more balanced, and less leaky.

1. Leveling Feet

Do you find yourself constantly rocking back and forth on an uneven table, or does your washing machine tilt to one side, creating a noisier wash cycle? Leveling feet can help balance objects when either the object or the floor is uneven in order to prevent tilting, rocking or wear as a result of imbalance. A typical leveling foot is comprised of a screw like spindle and a flat, usually black foot.

2. Rubber Grommets

Worried that your cables are going to get worn out from rubbing up against a sharp edged hole, or getting annoyed with all the loose wires running over your desk? Rubber grommets can help you out. Grommets are basically rings inserted in holes, and rubber grommets create a barrier for cords to pass through, and also serve to collect cords so that they run through holes in a more orderly way.

3. Magnetic Catches

Are your kids always leaving doors and cupboards open for you to shut? Take care of this issue with magnetic catches. A magnet on one side of the door matches up with a magnet at the connecting point, allowing for doors to stay in place even when people forget to shut them tightly.

4. Plastic Washer

Is your sink acting funny, either leaking or not turning on quite right? Instead of calling a repairman, this is often something you can fix yourself. A common issue with leaky faucets is that their washers need to be replaced. Plastic washers are thin, disk shaped pieces with holes in the middle that help distribute the load of a fastener such as a nut.

Would items would you suggest? Let us know in the comments. To learn more, read this.

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