Five Reasons You Should Love Rochester Local News


Rochester local news

There is a whole lot to do in Rochester, New York. Sure, we might not have as much as New York City, but what other city does? Would we even want a city with that many people in it? Probably not.

What we do have in Rochester is an outstanding geographical area that takes up just over 37 square miles, with a river and hills and farmland and city streets all mixed together. In addition to our exciting landscapes, the Rochester local news scene is top-notch. If you want highly skilled reporters working to deliver you the news of the week, day, hour and even minute, the Rochester local news has got you covered. Here are the top five reasons to love everything about the Rochester news scene.

1. Rochester was founded in 1817 just south of Lake Ontario. It became known as the Flour City for its extensive flour mills along the Genessee River, and later, the Flower City, for its prominent seed companies. The city has a current population of 210,855, and the Rochester local news has several reliable publications which reach a large percentage of them.

2. The Democrat and Chronicle is the Rochester newspaper that 170,000 homes read each morning for their fill of Rochester local news. It has existed by that name since 1870 and now reaches nearly 80 percent of residents in the Rochester area. Featuring daily coverage of news, sports, arts and entertainment, the Democrat and Chronicle is the go-to print Rochester local news source.

3. Another newspaper, the Rochester Times-Union, used to function as an afternoon companion to the Democrat and Chronicle before ending it ended its publication. While still putting out papers, the Times-Union won a Pulitzer Prize for covering the Attica prison riot of 1971. The Times-Union was absorbed into the Democrat and Chronicle in 1997.

4. The City Newspaper, a free weekly Rochester new york newspaper, also serves the greater metropolitan area. With a larger focus on entertainment and the local arts scene, City has amassed a large publication following. City, as part of Rochester local news, has a reach of nearly 100,000 readers throughout Monroe County.

5. In addition to those two Rochester newspapers, the Rochester Business Journal also publishes its content weekly. With two decades of experience, the Rochester Business Journal is a valuable asset to the Rochester local news scene, covering the latest developments in the marketplace, economy, health care and beyond. Its award-winning staff continues to contribute quality work to Rochester local news.

Are you sold yet? Pick up the paper at a Rochester local news stand and discover what this city is all about. High-quality living needs high-quality coverage.

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