Enjoy Big Game Hunts in New Mexico


Hunting ranches

If you are interested in going on any hunting vacations, New Mexico is a great place for several big game hunts. It is one of the best states for elk and trophy mule deer hunts. Guided elk hunts are available but when traversing on big game hunts for elk alone, it is wise to keep in mind what they sound like so you can better recognize and locate them if they are not visible. A bull elk vocalization is referred to as bugling and is among the loudest of calls in the wild, being heard for miles. This is also how the male elk attract the female elk, as the females desire the males that bugle the loudest and most frequently.

Big game hunts can also include black bears. Black bear hunting guides are available and will remind you that black bears can have a range of fur color including blond, brown, chestnut, tan or white. One way to identify black bears is by their faces. They have a straight line spanning from the forehead to the tip of the nose and the ears are rather large and distinctly pointed.

While staying in any of the hunting ranches in the area, it might be wise to venture to some of the natural streams or other bodies of water in the region if you are more interested in fish such as trout instead of big game hunts like bears, cougars or elk. Since rainbow trout are carnivorous predators, it is wise to use salmon eggs, other trout eggs, crustaceans or smaller fish as bait when seeking the rainbow trout. Steelhead trout are also in this region. They are anadromous creatures and will return to their original hatching location when they are prepared to spawn more.

Big game hunts can be dangerous not only because of the big game itself but because of the environment as well. When trekking on big game hunts, always be mindful of your footing and keep an eye out for parts of the environment that may be hazardous, such as fallen trees and loose rocks. Safety is always first priority during big game hunts and that should never be forgotten. Read more: bar5ranch.net

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