Eat Healthy With Hummus


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Hummus is a delicious, healthy, nutritious snack that is consumed by more than 15 million Americans on a regular basis. Hummus originated from Middle Eastern countries such as Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Egypt and Israel, and is made from mashed chickpeas and various spices. Hummus first came to America in the early 1960s and 1970s, but was only sold in health stores. It took a few decades for hummus to gain popularity and sold mainstream to consumers. The addition of terrific flavors such as roasted garlic hummus dip was a help!

Why is hummus dip a healthy snack to enjoy? Sabra hummus has a healthy amount of daily protein in it, especially for those that are enjoying a vegan or vegetarian diet. The nutrition of hummus comes down to each of its ingredients and what is included with the hummus dip.

Hummus is such an enjoyed treat, that it has even set a Guinness World Record with a dish of hummus weighing over 4 tons! That is the same as four average sized cars. That is a lot of hummus!

There are many recipes to enjoy that include hummus! A recipe with hummus is usually used as a dip for pita bread or vegetables, but can also work well in other recipes and a sandwich bread substitutions. Another recipe with hummus that is delicious and healthier than other alternative recipes is hummus artichoke spinach dip. Any recipe with hummus that substitutes unhealthy condiments such as sour cream and mayo will help to make the entree or snack more guilt free to eat. Finding a recipe with hummus that is delicious to enjoy is not hard to find! Sabra hummus had many different flavors to best suit the recipe that you wish to make.

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