Don’t Lose Money on Bad Sales Reps


Career in sales

A career in sales is not easy. It takes perseverance, patience, and motivation. These are qualities that the average person is not always born with, but rather develops after experience in the field. There are some exceptions to this school of thought, and some people can truly be trained by your existing staff to be great sales professionals. If you are looking to hire sales reps for your company, consider looking for people who have a proven record of sales expertise, or exhibit solid potential to improve your company’s success. In most American sales situations, only about 60 percent of sales professionals meet their quota, about 22 percent cannot be trained, and even less result in a return of investment. With such high stakes, you cannot afford to lose money hiring just any sales people for your team.

Many companies look to a recruitment agency to help them narrow down the search. Thousands of applications are submitted to jobs all over the country and it is time consuming to look through all these applicants to find the best sales people for the job. These firms also have a number of contacts and resources from which they can draw a pool of sound candidates. A recruitment agency will be able to focus on screening all possible hires and even conduct preliminary interviews for you. They can use specific criteria catered to your company’s needs to select the best person for the position. This way, you can save time and focus on picking from a handful of people that pass the initial screening process.

Another major aspect of successful sales is attitude. Often times, self-confidence and sales ability go hand in hand. Your sales rep should not be afraid of rejection and should be willing to go after a potential sale. A strong sales person knows that non-routine sales take about five follow-ups, and that 80 percent of sales are never followed-up on. This gives them an advantage and sets them apart from other candidates. The poise that comes with this kind of knowledge is apparent in a person’s personality, and you will only be able to see this when you meet with the individual. More often than not, the first impression you get will be enough to make an informed hiring decision. Helpful links:

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