Do You Want to Improve the Safety of Your Workers?


Fall protection competent person training

One in every five workplace deaths involves a construction worker. Working atop cranes to build skyscrapers, with powerful hydraulic equipment to take down homes, and using power tools is, naturally, dangerous work. How can you protect your workers?

As of May 2013, construction workers earned an average $26.09 an hour. However, if they fall from a crane and injure themselves, or worse, the costs a construction business will have to pay will be much, much higher. How can you protect your business?

The answer to both questions lies in construction safety training. If you want to protect your workers from the dangers of the job, then teaching them how to properly work rigging supplies and lifting gear is crucial. If you want to protect your business from the reputation and financial hardship that comes with workplace danger, safety programs, like fall protection training, can help you do that.

Comply with OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, is charged with making sure all businesses provide their employees with ways of remaining safe in whatever job they are hired for. Construction companies, in particular, are advised by OSHA to provide their employees with construction safety training courses to drastically cut down on the rate of workplace injury and death.

Of course, OSHA does not take a hands-off approach. As a matter of fact, the safety agency conducts inspections of equipment, facilities, and of randomly selected work sites throughout the year. If your rigging supplies are not set up properly to help keep your employees safe, for example, you are likely to be fined a considerable amount of money for safety regulations. If violations are severe enough, you may be shut down.

Be Proactive with Your Safety

Construction accidents and fatalities often occur because of faulty equipment or equipment that is substandard. Through OSHA training for material handling, proper use of rigging supplies, and web slings, you can learn how to spot bad equipment and poor rigging. The old saying that “knowledge is power” rings true here. Undergoing construction safety courses gives both you and your workers the ability to be smarter, safer while setting up America’s homes and industries.

If you want to protect your employees who help earn you money and you want to avoid lawsuits, workman’s compensation problems, OSHA fines, or issues with your reputation due to a disregard for your workers’ safety, then seek out safety training for your employees. Get them rigging certification, provide them with the best lifting equipment, and you not only protect them, but you also improve your business as a whole. Learn more about this topic here.

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