Digital Vs Offset Printing a Battle for the Ages


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When looking for ways to promote your business and its products or services, there are few things better than good old catalogs and brochures. With most things moving to an intangible digital format, many people may be pleasantly surprised when they receive a hard copy of that marketing merchandise instead. There’s nothing quite like leafing through a catalog looking for stuff to buy, and it’s an experience that has yet to be recreated digitally. And if you just want to introduce your company to a target audience, nothing works quite like a brochure. Luckily for you, as a business owner, you can get the best of both worlds when advertising your company and its products by using digital brochure and catalog printing services.

Brochure and catalog printing services can give your customers something real and physical to take home with them, and digital catalog printing services can help you achieve the highest quality for your printed materials at the lowest cost. Digital printing is what has come out of the evolution of catalog printing services, being in direct opposition to the analog method of using printing plates, known as offset printing. More specifically, digital printing refers to the method of printing from digital based images directly to many different kinds of media. The actual printing of printed promotional items is actually very involved and constitutes one of the most important functions in pre-press production.

In the battle of offset printing vs digital printing, it looks like digital printing has won handily. Choosing digital over offset for your brochure and catalog printing services can lead to a variety of benefits. Digital printing solutions are much more flexible and dynamic than offset printing. They allow for on demand printing and modification of images with each impression. Because of this, digital printing offers a much shorter turn around than offset printing.

Now, advocates of offset printing will almost immediately raise the issue of cost. And, it’s true, digital printing does have a higher cost per page than offset printing. However, don’t be alarmed, this cost is offset by the lack of printing plates in digital printing. More specifically, you avoid all of technical steps that are needed when dealing with printing plates.

So if you plan on using printed promotional products in order to market your business and its products, consider the benefits above when choosing your brochure or catalog printing services. You won’t be disappointed in the end if you choose digital over offset for your commercial printing service needs. Helpful info also found here.

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