Different Types of SEO


Seo reseller

Since internet marketing has become so important these days, SEO companies have come to more prominence in the business world. Through optimizing web content, SEO companies improve their clients rankings on search engine results pages, increase website traffic and help to improve sales for said client.

In terms of SEO work, keyword stuffing and other black hat SEO techniques work in the short time, but are not as effective as white hat SEO techniques. On that note, link baiting, link farming and reciprocal links are looked down upon by Google and discredited, greatly harming a company’s reputation. Therefore, linking for SEO purposes should be genuine.

It can take Google anywhere from three weeks to three months to find a new website and store it in their database. It can also take more months for a site in question to earn a place in search engine results pages. Though Google is quite advanced, they still aren’t capable of recognizing a brand new website the instant it launches.

Private label SEO and white label SEO are essentially SEO techniques in which the SEO company can create unbranded material instead of direct advertisements. This is important because 80 percent of search engine users say they only very occasionally, if ever, click on direct sponsored advertisements.

Using a private label seo reseller or white label SEO reseller is beneficial as well because the SEO reseller can resell the SEO services to provide exactly what you are looking for in terms of a marketing strategy. This can include branching out to website design and social media marketing. Forty percent of consumers who use search engines while researching products also use other things, like social media, to help them make decisions, so using SEO can be extremely helpful.

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