Creating a Commercial Roof Quote


Roofing projects can be challenging, and even a commercial roofing professional can attest to that. Everything must be done accordingly, from decision-making to choosing the right roof to make a quotation.

You can never make a sale without a proposal. So in this blog, you will know how a commercial roofing professional carefully makes a quote to clients and the things to consider in making a quotation.

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1. Gathering Information

A commercial roofing professional would interview their clients about the current state of the building and the roofing. They will ask what their clients like to see and what solution from their standpoint. Once all information is gathered, then you can take the information to develop the cost and help with the proposal.

2. Breaking Down of Data

Not all roofing is the same; as they are unique and has different logistics challenge. With that, a commercial roofing professional should break down the data to help with the quotation.

3. Obtaining Survey Report

Each roofing is custom-designed, so making a survey also helps make the quotation. Part of that is the drawing of the roof during the survey to come up with a comprehensive scope of the proposal.

4. Presenting the Quote to the Client

Once all necessary things are completed, a commercial roofing professional should finally explain what they propose. It can be presented in person or sent through email for the client’s decision.


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