Corbins Tankless Water Heater Installation Guide


Traditional water heaters are now a thing of the past, as most American families prefer a tankless water heater in their homes.

Moreover, tankless water heaters are complicated and need a precise installation made with the help of a plumber. Let’s review the steps of a tankless water heater install.

Larger gas line

Most tankless water heaters need a larger gas line than traditional water heaters. This gas line goes from the gas meter to the tankless water heater.

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Connecting the cold water supply

Use copper wires to connect the cold water supply to the water heater. Keep in mind that the hot line of the water heater needs to be connected as well.

Don’t forget the electrical outlet.

The tankless water heater needs a constant source of energy, which is why you need an electrical outlet near the water heater.

Call an expert

If you need the assistance of a plumber or an electrician, don’t hesitate to hire them.

Installing a tankless water heater isn’t a complicated task, but you need to do it correctly if you want it to work. For more information about water heaters and home improvement projects, please watch out our videos about it.


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