Catch Basin Insert


Triton filters

Certain types of storm filters are able to strain over 98 pecent of grease, oils, and other contaminates in water, according to the University of California. A major element of a storm drainage system is the catch basin insert. Stormwater management is only effective if the proper systems are in place. Sophisticated stormwater filters are used for groundwater because groundwater is more difficult to manage pollution. Groundwater is created from unseen aquifers and water traveling great distances. Catch basin inserts are basically used to trap pollutants from storm water, and they are placed in strategic areas as a first defense against pollutants.

A combination of chemicals and physical assessments are used for determining the health of a waterway. Stormwater runoff is often tested to ensure the environment isn’t being damages. It’s also tested to ensure people are receiving clean water. Drop inlet spillways are used to avoid erosion, and they do not require assistance from local soil conditions. A catch basin insert, however, does require regular maintenance to make sure the filter is doing its job. The EPA sets standards on how storm drainage systems should be implemented, and every location requires a certain set of solutions to manage and control pollutants.

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