Bottleless Water Coolers Making a Splash


Filtered water coolers

Many companies are saving money, and helping to preserve the environment, by using bottleless water coolers. Bottleless water coolers are filtered water coolers that convert tap water into purified water. They have bottleless water dispensers, so there is no need to lift those huge bottles of water anymore, and the savings over bottled water options can be as much as 80 percent.

The health benefits of drinking enough water have been well documented. In addition to some of the more well known benefits, studies show that lowering your water intake can cause fat deposits to increase. Also, drinking more water can actually lower fat deposits. That is a great incentive to drink more H2O.

Studies have shown that in some cases, bottled water is actually local tap water which has been marked up at a rate of as much as 1000 times the actual cost. Bottleless water coolers purify that same tap water, and take out the chemicals leaving a great taste. Bottleless water coolers are either freestanding or countertop types and are available in a variety of sizes. The water cooler has been a slang term for the place where office workers gather to talk or to gossip. The water cooler can still be used for that, with no bottle required.

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