Are You Looking For Lifting Gear?


Crane safety

When you are looking for a hoist product reliability is absolutely essential. If you are going to hoist yourself to any height having lifting slings that are safe and reliable is crucial. Danger in work situations is completely unwanted and avoidable when dealing with wire rope. To ensure safety in every hoist situation wire rope slings are usually constructed from high strength alloy steel. This material is created specifically for lifting chains.

In the material handling industry chain slings are used constantly and it is important that they are made out of the strongest material that can possibly be used. For thousands of years the pulley system has been used to make things easier on humans. Even dating back to 225 BC a chain made from connected metal rings was attached to a bucket and used to draw up water in a bucket from a well. A simple idea has now turned the ability to hoist in to its own industry.

When working in a lifting business there are things that need to be remembered. For example, a chain is not only an object used to hoist other objects, it is also a unit of measurement. Ten chains form a furlong and eighty chains form one statute mile. There are even different types of chain fittings that can be used. The fittings are as follows, eye nuts, S hooks, quick links, eye bolts and shackles.

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