An Introduction to Using ExactFlat for Insulation Covers


Removable insulation blankets may seem easy to manufacture and design. However, a lot goes into a project to make these materials effective and efficient. These blankets are often used as industrial insulation covers to prevent heat and sound from escaping through the mechanical components.

To ensure that the removable insulation blankets are effective, three different layers, including a protective, insulating material and hot face layers should be well-designed.

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Designing these layers can be time-consuming due to their complex nature. However, automating and processing the designs of these layers can take less work and increase profit.

Another important component that ensures the effectiveness of industrial insulation covers is their shape. The layers made of these blankets should fit right around three-dimensional systems with complex shapes. However, removable insulation blankets are made of 2D materials, necessitating the need to translate shapes from 3D to 2D accurately.

When accurately prepared, their shapes must be wrapped and fastened using various methods. Fasteners add the required functionality for these blankets. Selecting and applying different material types and switching between different materials can increase design type and effort. However, this may slow projects down and minimize profitability. If you design and manufacture removable insulation covers, ExactFlat can help you make it fast and right and maximize profitability. Watch the video above to learn more.

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