A Virtual Server Can Help Jail Visitations


Video visitation prison

Did you know that virtual servers are being used as part of a new technology in the jail and prison system? This new technology allows visits to be conducted between prisoners and their friends a family easier through the use of virtual servers.

Video visitation via a virtual server is the use of analog CCTV or videoconferencing and software. This allows jail visits at a distance, rather than a face to face visit. This Internet visitation offers the possibility of allowing detention centers to reduce visitor traffic by allowing them to visit inmates from their home or office. This will effectively reduce costs on construction of jail facilities, as well as on staff expenditures. Virtual visitation via virtual services will also provide more visits to the inmate. Another positive aspect is that there will be a reduction in the amount of contraband that may be entering a prison facility.

Inmate video visitation through virtual servers can also provide videoconferencing services in a high quality two way, secure visit between inmates and privileged individuals, including attorneys, clergy, and judges. This can simplify case preparation for attorneys by eliminating travel time. By being able to visit their clients from their office, they can have many more tools available to help the case.

The prison video visitation service using virtual servers is basically the same equipment and software that have been used by businesses for a number of years. This technology is expanding into other areas such as distance learning and telemedicine. Courts have been using this technology more for video arraignments and pleas.

The use of virtual servers and videoconferencing is fairly new in the jail system, so it may be a while before the majority of jails and prison facilities find themselves using this technology. However, with all the positive aspects of the use of virtual servers, such as ensuring that prison visitation rights are upheld, it is only a matter of time before we see many more facilities being put in place.

You can certainly check if your local jail or prison is using video visitations through virtual servers. All you need to do is make a call and you may even be the impetus that gets that facility to implement such a system.
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