10 Things Car Owners Should Do to Maintain Their Car


This YouTube video from AutoGuide.com provides a list of 10 things car owners should do to maintain their vehicles. These are items drivers can do without needing automobile services. Included are the following:

1. Maintaining a full windshield wiper reservoir to keep the front window clean while driving.

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2. Regularly change the windshield wipers as they can wear out over time and case improper cleaning.

3. Check your motor oil and refill or replace it when needed. This keeps engine parts lubricated and increases your vehicle’s efficiency.

4. Check your tire pressure, especially when you own a car without automatic sensors. Like oil, fuel efficiency is increased when your tires are at the proper pounds per square inch (psi).

5. Learn how to change a flat tire. Even if you have this service as part of your AAA membership or car insurance, it’s always good to know how it’s done.

6. Purchase jumper cables or a portable battery charger to help you jumpstart a battery. Understand where to place the red and black cables for a proper charge.

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