Hardwood Flooring Installation Process


Are you a homeowner wondering how you can install your hard wood flooring? Having a guide or a manual could help you. A step-by-step procedure is explained in a brief YouTube video titled “How to Install Hardwood Flooring | The Home Depot.” A successful wood flooring installation requires the installer to have the proper tools and to make the best flooring selection.

According to the video, there are four types of hardwood flooring. Nail down, staple down, glue down, and flooring click lock.

Video Source

All these depend on the budget of the homeowner. The tools necessary include; a jaw saw, panel saw, floor installation kit, rubber mallet, tape measure, pencil, duct tape, flooring nail, a nail gun, finishing nails, and caulk. All the tools should be in perfect shape for performance.

Before installing, let the hardwood acclimate to the room for at least five days. You then begin cleaning and making the floor smooth and spread the wood. Measure your floor carefully and lay down the hardwood. Finish the installation using finishing nails. Always ask for service from reputable contractors or flooring companies. Make sure the service is within your budget.


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