Essential Safety Tips for Your Propane System Rentals


Propane system rentals can be a great source of heat, but there are many things you should know about them before putting them to use. First, propane is heavier than air, so it can settle. Propane also has an odor. So if you’re worried about propane leaking, you’ll want to check closer to the ground and also keep your nose open for any strange smells.

Generally speaking, you should not keep more than 300 pounds of propane inside a building. By the way, from the point of view of safety, empty cylinders still count much the same as full ones. So you shouldn’t store more than 300 pounds worth of empty cylinders inside.

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Also, propane cylinders are typically good for just 12 years. If the cylinder is older than that, it should not be refilled unless it has been inspected by a qualified company and certified for use. Of course, if the cylinder is newer but is breaking down, you still shouldn’t use it unless it’s been inspected and found fit for use.

It goes without saying that propane tanks should be properly secured when you’re moving them in a vehicle. Further, it’s obviously not a smart idea to smoke around propane tanks, and you need to be very careful with open flames. While propane system rentals are a great source of heat, it’s crucial to respect safety guidelines when using them.

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