Considering Hiring a DBA Attorney? Here are Soem Facts for You to Know


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Do you need a Defense base act attorney? Here are some things to think about when you’re considering.

1. The Jones Act or Section 27 has to do with coastal shipping or cabotage. It requires all goods that are transported via water in between US ports have to be carried in United States flag ships that were made in the US and are owned in US citizens. They also must be crewed by permanent residents and citizens of the United States.

2. There is a technical requirement that is in the Defense Base Act states that they must report an injury immediately to your immediate supervisor.

3. Currently, the rate of minimum wage replacement is 323.80.

4. The defense Base Act works to provide worker’s comp to civilian employees that work outside the US under contract with the United States government for national defense or public works, or on American military bases.

Maritime claims can seem like a huge hassle, and so can applying for Jones Act workers compensation. So why not use DBA attorney to make it easier? DBA lawyers are there to get you what you are entitled to, and make it easier along the way! For more information, read this website:

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